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Board Members

Darin Ellingson


Mike Yelich


Tracy Ness

Vice President

Jeff Daun


Rita Belka


Kelly Braun


Steve Franklin



Joe Belka

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Greg Amundson

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Contact Us

Rogers Royals Tip Off Club

The RRTOC Purpose

Here are some of the ways your time has helped our program.

Travel Sweats


Practice gear (majority of cost)

Coach buses when applicable for longer distance road games

Pay for one coach for extra boys team (school district only pays for four coaches)


Pre-Game meals for boys and girls teams (Varsity and JV teams)

Food for teams throughout the season

Team outings

Coaches for Cancer donations and t-shirts

iPads for video and Stats

Banquets for both Boys and Girls teams 

Memory Books

Boys and girls youth night t-shirts and pizza

Banners for seniors and team banners

Postgame food for senior nights and parents nights, and gifts for parents on Parent night

Game programs

Uniforms every three years (many schools are five years)


The funds to provide these things are raised through the four tournaments we host, Gold Card sales, and sponsorship from local businesses.  It is our goal as a board to provide a memorable experience for the players, and to continue the contributions to the teams since the Tip Off Club was started in 2003.